Answers to Your Questions About Health Coverage

Below, you’ll find information on how your health insurance works and what to expect from your coverage. If you need additional support, contact us.

  • What Is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

    An EOB is a document that informs you of health care claims your provider has submitted on your behalf. Please note: An EOB is not a bill. You’ll receive an EOB after we receive and process a claim for health care services for you. It will show: 

    • How much you were charged for health services 
    • How much MVP paid to cover the costs for your health services 
    • How much you may owe a health care provider 

    You have the option to sign up for paperless delivery of EOBs (eEOBs). Once you sign up for paperless deliveryeEOBs, you’ll receive an email notification when your EOB is available to view online. Paperless EOBs are only available for medical and dental claims. 

    To sign up for electronic delivery, sign into Gia or register for an account, then click your name in the top-right corner, then click Profile and Settings.  

    To learn how to read your EOB, review our helpful guide.

  • How Do I Select or Change My Primary Care Provider? 
    Sign into Gia or register for a Gia account to choose or update your primary care provider (PCP), or call the MVP Customer Care Center at the phone number on the back of your MVP Member ID card. 
  • Do I Have Health Coverage While I’m Traveling? 

    You have 24-hour emergency coverage worldwide.   

    If you have a nonemergency medical need while you’re traveling outside our service area, please call the MVP Customer Care Center at the phone number on the back of your MVP Member ID card, or use the Gia® by MVP Mobile App for 24/7 virtual care 

    If you have a medical emergency while you’re outside our service area, seek care from the nearest doctor or hospital emergency room. Please let us know about the emergency within 48 hours or as soon as possible by calling the phone number on the back of your MVP Member ID card.

    MVP review the nature of your visit to make sure that it was an emergency. If we determine that your visit was not an emergency, we may not cover your care as emergency care. Please review your plan materials or ask your employer for details about your emergency coverage, including deductibles or co-pays. 

  • What’s the Difference Between Brand-Name Drugs and Generic Drugs? 

    A generic drug must have the same active-ingredient formula as its brand-name equivalent. Generic drugs usually cost less than brand-name drugs. 

    While we encourage you to use generic drugs when possible to help you save money, you’re not required to do so. However, if there’s a generic equivalent available, you must pay the difference between the cost of the two drugs plus your co-payment or co-insurance. If your provider requests a brand-name drug over a generic drug, and we determine that the brand-name version is medically necessary, you are not required to pay the difference.

    Please note:
    this approach to prescription drug costs is not available to all groups, and exceptions apply.  

    For details on how this applies to your plan, sign into Gia, then click My Plan then Manage Prescriptions. Or call the MVP Customer Care Center at the number on the back of your MVP Member ID card.  

  • What’s a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)? 

    Many members like having an HDHP because it has lower monthly premiums. While HDHPs do require members to pay the full, negotiated price of healthcare services before their plan begins to pay for costs, they can be a money-saving option for members who have few medical needs.  

    Members with HDHPs can also save money by taking advantage of the tax benefits of Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) or Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs).

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